Biomechatronics is an interdisciplinary science which aims to realize a computer controlled system including a mechanism, electronics, mechanical and biological sensors in order to therapy and augmentation of human body. Biomechatronics includes the aspects of biology,mechanics, and electronics.

In other words, the main research focus of biomechatronics is to develop intelligent technologies in order to improve and support human-life quality for patients.

A biomechatronics system has four components: Biosensors, Mechanical Sensors, Controller, and Actuator. Biological feedbacks to control the biomechatronics system are got via biosensors. A biosensor detects the human's intentions through signals obtained from the nervous or muscle system. The controller enables communication between biological and electronic systems, and manages the biomechatronic device. In order to get mechanical feedbacks mechanical sensors are used. Mechanical sensors measure data such as position, force, pressure etc. The actuator produces force or movement to system.

Biomechatronics researches focus on intelligent devices to support and restore human motions, artificial organs, neurodevices. In order to create effective biomechatronic devices, physiologic and neural structure of human body must be well understood. On the other hand, individual designs and easy-to-use human-machine interfaces is crucial, as well.

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Some info about us

Biomechatronics research lab was set by Dr. Akdogan in 2010. Actually, The beginning of your research work in the lab goes back to 2003. At the present time, we have more than five research projects with 3 researchers, 10 graduate and 15 undergraduate students.
  • Sep.2020President of TUSEB
    Prof. Akdogan was appointed as president of Health Institutes of Turkey (TUSEB).
  • Aug.2020Graduate
    M.Sc. student Ceyhun IBOLAR graduated. (26.08.2020)
  • Feb.2020Emre Yildirim
    Emre Yildirim joined our lab. as a research assistant.
  • Sept.2019 Graduate
    M.Sc. student Muammer Ugur graduated. (24.09.2019)
  • Sep.2019 1st Prize
    1st Prize in TEKNOFEST'19 with Intelligent Tumor Prosthesis. (22.09.2019)
  • July.2019 Second graduated Ph.D. student from Lab
    Our second Ph.D. student Sıtkı Kocaoğlu graduated.
    "Biomechatronic Tumor Prosthesis" project was completed.
  • Nov.2018 1st Prize
    DIAGNOBOT won 1st prize in ProjeBaharı7.
  • Sep.2018 1st Prize
    1st Prize in TEKNOFEST with DIAGNOBOT.
  • Aug.2018 First graduated Ph.D. student from Lab
    Our first Ph.D. student Mehmet Emin AKTAN graduated.
    DIAGNOBOT project was completed.
  • 2017 DIAGNOBOT was developed
    DIAGNOBOT was developed by Dr. Erhan AKDOGAN and Res.Ass. M.Emin AKTAN
  • 2016Internal Tumor Prosthesis Module project
    Internal Tumor Prosthesis Module project has been started by Dr. Erhan AKDOGAN and Sıtkı Kocaoglu.
  • 2015CRA completed - DIAGNOBOT started
    Cybernetic Rehabilitation Aid Project was completed.
    Intelligent rehabilitation aid system for diagnosis and treatment (DIAGNOBOT) Project was started.
  • 2012Cybernetic Rehabilitation Aid Project
    Cybernetic Rehabilitation Aid (CRA) Project started with TUBİTAK supports.
  • 2010Biomechatronics Lab of YTU
    Our Lab started research
  • 2008Joint with Hiroshima University
    Dr. Akdogan joined Hiroshima Univ. Biological Sys. Eng. Lab. as a Post-Doc. Researcher. Cybernetic Rehabilitation Aid Project bases were set.
  • 2007First Rehabilitation Robot
    PHYSIOTHERABOT was first developed rehabilitation robot in TURKEY. Project was done by Dr. Erhan AKDOGAN, Dr. A. ADLI, Dr. E.Taçgın.
  • 2004First Rehabilitation Robot Project
    Starting rehabilitation robot studies by Dr. Erhan AKDOGAN