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Implementation of artificial intelligent technologies in rehabilitation engineering: Training for vocational rehabilitation counsellors (INTECH)

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European Union, Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer Of Innovation Action Project

The modern solutions in rehabilitation engineering requires more technological and innovative approaches. Some of the major developments in rehabilitation is expected to come from the use of such diverse fields as neural networks, fuzzy systems, virtual reality, robotics, microtechnology, and mechatronics. In INTECH, we balance introducing the artificial intelligent technologies in rehabilitation engineering having important consequences in the field, and establishing new training tools for the rehabilitation counsellors and mentoring the disabled people. The aim of INTECH is to promote the importance of the artificial intelligent technologies in rehabilitation, and deepen and broaden the aspects of innovative rehabilitation technologies by designing new VET modules, which will deliver improved skills, knowledge and competencies. The specific aims of INTECH will lead to develop materials that will improve the skills of vocational rehabilitation counsellors/specialists, intelligent tool designers/manufacturers, and hence their capabilities to work together effectively.